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Innovative Techniques, Flexibility, and Unrivaled Care

Expert Laser Tattoo Removal at Sparrow Tattoo

Unique Removal Process

Our unique laser tattoo removal service allows for removing tattoos in pieces, enabling more effective cover-up tattoos while reducing cost and time.

Experienced Professionals

Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to providing safe and effective laser tattoo removal using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each client's needs are different, so we tailor our laser tattoo removal approach to your specific goals and requirements.

At Sparrow Tattoo, we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of care and expertise when it comes to laser tattoo removal. Our unique approach to removing tattoos in pieces allows for a more flexible and cost-effective solution, making it easier for you to achieve the results you desire. Our skilled professionals work diligently to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience, delivering exceptional service every step of the way.

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Take a look at our portfolio to see just a small sample of the amazing tattoos we’ve created for our clients. From delicate black and grey tattoos to bright and bold full color pieces, we’ve got something for everyone.



Comprehensive Consultations

We offer in-depth consultations to discuss your laser tattoo removal goals, assess your unique situation, and develop a personalized removal plan.

Safe and Effective Treatments

Our team utilizes the latest laser tattoo removal technologies and techniques to ensure a safe, effective, and comfortable experience.

Custom Cover-Up Assistance

We provide expert guidance on post-treatment care, ensuring the best possible results and a smooth recovery.

Aftercare Support

We provide expert guidance on tattoo aftercare, ensuring your tattoo heals properly and maintains its vibrant appearance for years to come.

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Anthony Villatoro
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Went to Melissa for both of my tattoos, it was nothing but a pleasurable experience. Making an appointment was easy, everybody else in the shop was awesome too. Even with my second one, I was Melissa’s last appointment and she even worked past closing time to finish it up and make sure everything was perfect. The shop is so great the it’s become a family affair, both my sisters, my brother in law and my cousin all go to Melissa for their tattoos also. Nothing but love and respect for everyone in the shop
Jessica Reeger
Read More
Absolutely the best!!! The best tattoo shop on Long Island. This place is a second home to me. Everyone there treats you with excellent service and they’re incredibly accommodating. Melissa is an incredible artist and will draw up the most creative tattoos with very little input from me, all I have to give her is an idea. I recommend the shop to anyone and everyone. They all are so warm and welcoming. Thank you guys for always being as amazing as you are!!!
Armando Hernandez
Read More
Had a great experience at this shop! Everyone was very friendly, and Melissa is an incredibly talented artist. Melissa was very prompt in responding first via IG, then via email. She made my vision of my new Taino tribal tattoo come to life! Melissa also brought a 15-year-old tattoo back to looking brand new! She has an incredible hand, she is very professional, super personality, great conversations while she worked, and offers very fair prices. Top notch service and quality. Melissa at Sparrow Tattoo deserves raving reviews and I highly recommend supporting her and trusting her with your tattoo needs!
Laura Drew
Read More
In the past 3 years I have had 11 tattoos by Melissa. I have had only positive experiences while at Sparrow Tattoo. Melissa is kind, creative, gentle and a great listener. She literally brought my visions to life. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist she’s one of the coolest people you will ever meet. I have sent many people to her and every single one of them has been back for more and have never had any complaints. My sister and I were both pierced by Tristan and he was professional and gentle, not to mention a badass tattoo artist as well. I highly recommend going to Sparrow tattoo if you are considering getting tattoo’s.
Nicole Chase
Read More
I've been going to Sparrow since December 2021 and have gotten numerous tattoos done there since. The atmosphere is always so friendly and fun, and you can tell the artists take their work very seriously. Melissa has done all of my tattoos since I first discovered them and I can simply never go to a different shop ever in my life because I know the experience won't be the same. I highly recommend anyone (first timers or not) check out Sparrow. It was a lucky and spontaneous find for me and I'm glad I am able to get whatever tattoos I want there.
Ryan Lahey
Read More
I’ve had many tattoos at Sparrow. Anytime I go to get some work done I’m greeted with nothing but kindness. Melissa (my artist) is very knowledgeable and takes your idea and turns it into an amazing piece of art work. Everyone at the shop are some of the nicest people. Can’t wait to get more work done 🙏🏻.highly recommend.
Simran Singh
Read More
this place is amazing, I loved the environment. it was my first time getting a tattoo, and it was a good price and Melissa was my artist and she helped me out and it was amazing service. I absolutely recommend it to any first timers or anyone in general
Michael Campanelli
Read More
If you are thinking of getting a tattoo go see Melissa at Sparrow...Melissa is incredibly talented and a pleasure to deal with..I will be going back to her for all my tatoos..Thanks Melissa for the great work and see you soon!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal varies depending on factors such as size, color, and ink type. We will provide an estimate during your consultation.

Some discomfort may be experienced during the removal process, but we take every measure to ensure your comfort and minimize any pain.

While most tattoos can be significantly faded or removed entirely, certain factors such as ink type, color, and depth may impact the final results. We will discuss your individual case during your consultation.

Yes, once your tattoo removal process is complete and the area has healed, our talented artists can work with you to create a custom cover-up tattoo that meets your vision.

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