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Here are some current examples of my work ,in oil paints.I have been painting w/oil paints for approximately 10 years and this was a natural progression after studying tattooing. As a tattoo apprentice a large portion of  my time was devoted to painting tattoo flash with watercolors , aka "spit shading",studying composition ,line and color ,the basic components of a good tattoo.After some time my artwork became more involved and  I was directed to oil painting to get the look I was trying to achieve. The subject matter and the ascetics of these paintings, are the same look I strive to achieve  in my tattooing.These  paintings consist of surrealism, religious symbolism,and counterculture iconic figures with a large degree of realism. I think of these paintings as studies mostly, elaborate  tattoo flash ......these are four examples of my recent work I will be uploading the rest of my paintings in the near future and the painting I am currently working on now thanks for checking them out and check back from time to time for updates.Prints of all my artwork  is available for sale and I do painting on commission.
  • "Goat's head soup" 11x14 oil on canvas board
  • "Jesus is watching you" 11x14 oil on canvas board
  • " Sacred heart of H.D. 24x35 oil on canvas
  • "Bee Nice!" 24x32 oil on canvas