The Covid-19 Pandemic caused a profound disruption of a number of industries and businesses, including the tattoo industry. But, the truth is, with the easing of the various social distancing measures across the country, more and more people are now once again considering getting a tattoo.

However, to say that things are back to normal would be disingenuous. So, today we are going to talk about what it means to get a tattoo in 2021 during a global pandemic of unusual proportions.

Is it Safe To Get A Tattoo During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Tattoo parlors around the world have begun to reopen after months of city-wide shutdowns and social distancing measures. Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, many tattoo shops have seen an uptick in bookings.

This is due to the fact that the tattoo industry, perhaps more than most, is already well-versed in strict hygienic and safety protocols. As such, adapting their practices to this new virus-ridden reality in which we live, was a rather effortless process.

Nevertheless, pretending that Covid-19 has had no effect on the world of tattooing would be naive and potentially dangerous. When getting a tattoo during the Covid-19 pandemic it is very important to seek out professionals who fully comply with all of the industry’s traditional safety standards, as well as those new ones imposed on us by the novel Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Tattoo Safety and Hygienic Measures

Among the many protection and Bio-safety measures that tattoo artists have to follow during the Covid-19 pandemic, we can highlight the following:

Use of Disinfectants: Copious use of disinfectants will provide both customers and tattoo artists with a clean and secure environment, free of viruses and bacteria. 

When it comes to Covid-19, the importance of proper sanitization and disinfection cannot be overstated. You see, the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, the virus behind this deadly Covid-19 pandemic, is actually quite fragile and easily destroyed when subjected to the right cleansing products.

Your tattoo parlor should be making a concerted effort to sanitize and disinfect all high-contact surfaces such as door handles, switches, countertops, chairs, workstations, as well as all tools and utensils.

Use of Masks: Tattoo parlors have long been encouraged to apply mask regulations during tattoo sessions. However, under current San Diego County law, masks are required in a number of situations such as waiting in line to go inside a store, shopping, eating or picking up food at a restaurant, riding public transportation, seeking healthcare, and going inside a facility that has been allowed to stay open for business; and this, of course, includes tattoo parlors.

Mask enforcement is important because a very large number of people who have contracted Covid-19 have no symptoms and could be spreading the virus without knowing they are doing so. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you rely on tattoo parlors that have placed strict mask enforcement. 

Any self-respecting tattoo parlor will have plenty of masks to offer their clients, and ensure that all personnel wear appropriate face coverings at all times.

Use of Gloves: Gloves are among the most important protective elements that are of required use in tattoo parlors. Covid-19 has not changed the experience of getting a tattoo much in regards to gloves. They have always been recommended and will always be used by respectable tattoo artists when servicing their clients, cleaning equipment, and other high-traffic areas.

Use of Protective Visors: Protective visors can be used to significantly enhance the safety of everyone involved during a tattoo session.

Use of Screens: Another extremely effective protective measure used by responsible tattoo parlors is the installation of temporary or permanent physical barriers, such as plexiglass shields, between every workstation, and other areas where it becomes impossible to adhere to social distancing measures.

Restricting Client Influx: Like other industries that regularly experience high foot traffic, such as restaurants and retail, tattoo parlors have been tasked with limiting the number of clients permitted to be inside the operational areas of the store. Most experts agree that at most, the business should be operating at 33% capacity to ensure the safety of both clients and workers.

As you can see, staying safe while getting a tattoo in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic lies fundamentally in making sure that clients and workers stick to and respect all hygienic and safety protocols that have been established. 

Professional tattoo artists will put the safety and security of their clients well above comfort and practicality. As such, if you seek out those tattoo parlors you can get a tattoo in the middle of one of the deadliest pandemics of recent memory with complete peace of mind.

Covid-19 As Inspiration 

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives, it is far from being the first or last such pandemic to make humanity rethink the ways in which we interact with one another. In time, Coronavirus and Covid-19 will fade into history and our daily lives will return to a semblance of the normalcy we previously enjoyed.

Nevertheless, millions of lives have been changed and many people have sought the aid of tattoo artists from around the world to help them commemorate the impact that Covid-19 has had. Humans, for the most part, will always choose remembrance over forgetting, so it makes sense that so many have turned to the timeless art of tattooing to mark this crazy year

In other words, the novel Coronavirus and the ensuing Covid-19 can serve as the inspiration for the next meaningful tattoo on your body.

Here are some ideas you may want to explore for your next piece:

  • Depictions of viral molecules.
  • Bottles of Corona beer
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer
  • Masked portraits
  • Tributes to health care workers
  • Memorials to loved ones that passed due to the virus


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